The marine recreational complex SOUTHERN REEF
Architectural and urban planning concept of the marine recreational complex "Southern Reef"
About the project

Syntaxis Bureau took part in the XII International Architectural Festival "EcoBereg" 2023. We prepared our own project for an open competition to develop an architectural and urban planning concept for the Southern Reef marine recreational complex in the Adler district of Sochi.

The concept of the complex "Southern Reef: symbiosis of architecture and nature" is a bright urban icon with a congress center in a pearl form in the heart of the raised area. We have combined many functions, original techniques and laid down a number of key principles:
  • expressive diverse architecture, taking into account territory and each quarter peculiarities;
  • a circle transport structure with two outlines connecting the island and mainland parts of the complex with Adler;
  • a multi—level landscape structure is a part of a green frame into which roads are integrated, with minimal intersection of pedestrian and car flows;
  • a buffer to reduce noise from the railway by means of the park and public buildings;
  • convenient walking routes with unique viewpoints.

The variety of neighborhoods and spaces provides many scenarios for recreation and work, as well as opens up wide horizons for city residents, tourists and businesses.

All these elements together create a unique atmosphere of the peninsula.
Total area: 1 800 000 sq.m
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