Yandex Company Office
Business Center Avrora, site B, 2nd floor
Total area: 2 500 sq. m.
Type of design: general design
Business challenges
Space arrangement
Design idea
Renting additional space in the Business Center Avrora was needed because of the extension of Yandex structure and addition of new business units. It was a goal to create a space for productive teamwork, knowledge sharing and generating new ideas. One more thing is to demonstrate how the friendly office environment influences success in achieving company goals.
The planning pattern was subordinated to the elongated shape of the building. We formed a single axis on which we strung blocks of working and supply spaces. We were fighting against the monotony of a long corridor and equally arranged the space according to various functions.

The corridor became the main structural unit of the project. Since it connects the office with neighbouring buildings, it was necessary to isolate it as much as possible from working spaces with functional assemblies of utility cores, meeting rooms, lines of wardrobes and so on.

The work spaces were divided into three groups. The first one includes main permanent workplaces. According to the design they are allocated by dead walls of meeting rooms and study rooms in a cell of no more than 25 seats.

The second group consists of study rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes, which are used for teamwork, presentations and conference calls. These rooms have excellent sound isolation and are equipped with a reservation system.

The third group consists of zones of group informal activities. The main of them is a bleacher seating with a big coffee point in the center of the building, which visually breaks the monotony of the corridor. This space can be used for any in-office events. This group also includes soft zones, sofa niches, mobile meeting pods and phone booths.
The designing of a new space is made in a continent modern style. The privilege in finishing is given to gray-black shades, but the office itself doesn't look strict - it has a lot of light, greenery and wood. Moreover, sitting and communication areas are saturated with bright accents.

As the main goal of the project was to ensure the comfort of employers, the architects paid a lot of attention to the arrangement of workplaces. This includes dimmable lightning, comfortable easy-chairs and unobtrusive zoning with plant racks.
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