Total area: 2 530 sq.m.
Interior design of Premium Business Center Public Spaces
About the project
The Premium Business Center TWIST from Sminex-Inteco developer will become a recognizable building in Moscow. Syntaxis company architects have faced the task of creating a recognizable internal image of the project, which would correspond to the external appearance of the building.
In the spotlight there is a comfortable and cozy internal environment that will bring only positive emotions to visitors and employees of the business center. It is this formula that was taken as a basis when developing interior solutions.
Public spaces design code in TWIST BC was made on the recognizable shape of the building. Flexible facade lines, color solutions, materials and the contour of perimeter greenspace expansion evoke associations with natural elements. Business complex architectural image is inspired by a man-made biome. This idea is smoothly carried out from external elements to internal spaces.
Facade shape conveys softness of the lines and associations with natural shades in materials throughout the building. Smooth contours of the structure resemble shapes of desert sand dunes, sea waves and clouds. These motives formed the basis when developing the design concept of public spaces. The idea of interconnection between architecture, interior solutions and natural images is communicated intuitively.
Being inspired by the principle of interconnection between natural environment and architecture, we offered Sminex-Inteco a concept of ECO-design for business center public spaces. Reception, waiting area, guest lavatories, office floors, parking, and stairs — everything is made in the same style and seamlessly complement each other.
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