The project of the complex
The entry for the International architecture competition BERLIN AFFORDABLE HOUSING CHALLENGE
About the project
Project idea lies in the creation of a hybrid-building which includes the function of urban communication, shopping front and housing. Our project is called «Shaking hands». We are literally building bridges in the city of Berlin.

The concept is focused on spaces, where there are not enough horizontal connections over the river, highways and railways. We erect non-residential functions to the pedestrian traffic level, and above that, there are residential cells in a modular grid.

Facades and visible structures refer to traditional German housing made of half-timbering. We have chosen a visual code which integrates into the context as much as possible and assumes a human scale. The project uses wood in the structures and finishes for the building to be eco-friendly with a minimum carbon footprint.
The concept of a Residential Complex with public spaces
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