Total area: 4 470 sq.m
Concept design of the office interiors for the Cloud company
About the project

The goal of the project is to create a technologically advanced business space for a dynamically developing Russian IT company. A new office is located in the business center of the Lucky multifunctional cluster in the center of Moscow. The task was to develop office interiors with catchy and recognizable design.

The design code was based on glassmorphism style, which is actively used in the development of digital interfaces. This trend in the IT sphere is characterized by the creation of a frosted glass effect and background blurring, float objects, bright color accents and thin borders.

Office design and the nature of space design reflect the innovativeness of the company's activities, projection into the future that awaits us over the coming decade. At the same time, the office turned out to be flexible, comfortable both for organizing corporate processes and informal communication or recreation.
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115280, Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda Str, 19,
business centre Omega Plaza, office No. 4005/4
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