Total area: 1 700 sq.m
Interior design of the Cherkizovo Company Office
About the project

The new business space embodies the complexity of agricultural holding's products and the multi-vector nature of its activities. The philosophy of the company is reflected in accent colors, supergraphics that highlight different areas of the office.

The nature of space organization allows employees to diversify working scenarios and schemes of corporate communications. Inside there are equipped both classic open space zones and flexible workplaces, as well as hot desks of various formats. A large variability in the use of space is also achieved through the integration of relocatable partitions which help turn meeting rooms into extensive educational or conference spaces.

When developing interior solutions and design code, the architects solved the task to create a comfortable and adaptive environment, as well as a cozy setting that brings exceptionally positive emotions. This principle is manifested in the smallest details: complex color combinations with subtle accents and nuances, smooth irregular curves of floor coating, wooden texture.
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