Yandex of Leo Tolstoy
Designing: 1.5 months
Area 1 500 sq. m.
Participation levels: conception, designing, realization
Business challenges
Space arrangement
Design idea
The aim laid in reconstruction and adaptation of the carcase of the business centre Red Rose to arrange office space for a new zone of interoffice mail of Yandex.
The main challenge laid in a total reorganizing of the left half of the building, which needed new lines of communication and vertical bracing inside the block. It resulted in an interesting, complex split-level space of workshops divided by blocks of niches with sofas being zones for informal communication. One more zone is a beautiful access stair which connects the first and the second floors.
A central principle of navigation, which was used for the whole complex, was transmitted into a new block, making it an integral part of the whole space of Yandex. Each floor gets its own color.

The range of colors of basic hue and masstones of wood and concrete are combined with bright splashes of colours of Yandex corporate identica on decorative elements of sofas and coffee point zones.

A hand-rail of the grand staircase becomes a linking ribbon. Bright red colour comes with a strip of light, which visually detaches flight of steps from the walls, creating an effect of floating.

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