Human environment
Architecture is not just a building, but also a human environment. Our goal is to help people to develop constantly, break dogmata down and surprise with results. Through architecture we inspire people to live a bright life.
The grammatics of architectural space
Cutting away all the fat and bloat, we unite architecture, technologies, basebuild and engineering into one harmonious narration.
We are trusted by
How do we do that?
Loving the details.
The BIM modeling
We use the BIM modeling to work more effectively.
BIG Data
We analyze calculations with the help of BIG Data and increase its accuracy.
Unique Software
We have developed our own Software to lower labor contribution.
Creative environment
We form a creative environment among our team for everyone to display their talent.
World trends
We are tracing the trends of world architecture to set our own ones.
Scientific support
We do scientific support of a project to exclude mistakes.
Meet us
We are a team of architects. We are bold, but careful; courageous, but pedantic. We create an environment for people to live in. It's comfortable and functional, but at the same time bright and inspiring.
Partner and Architect
Partner and Architect
Executive Director
Alexander Starikov
Aleksey Zarodov
Malyshev Anton
Ioannis Vlachos
Leading architect
Can materialise unreal ideas into real skyscrapers.
Can find and neutralize unfunctional space.
Leading architect
Architect as Project Manager
BIM manager
Anna Isaeva
Malyakin Ivan
Klechikov Victor
Tikhonova Ksenia
Pavlov Anton
Simonova Elizaveta
Denis Sellevich
Muratova Alexandra
Assistant Architect
Together we create space which inspires people's hearts.
Architect as Project Manager
Architect as Project Manager
Dmitri Koshak
Daria Nesterova
Venera Zakirova
Architect as Project Manager
Graphic Designer
Antonova Ekaterina
Leading architect
Architect as Project Manager
Anna Buraeva
Valeria Gvozdeva
Alexander Kuznetsov
Valeria Dvornikova
Architect as Project Manager
Document controller
Leading architect
Anna Zadkova
Ekaterina Koneva
Sergey Zakharov
Arina Roslova

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